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Liam Deeney - Published on Tuesday 8 May 2012
Liam Deeney - helping others enjoy their golden years.


Working in Liam Deeneycare of the elderly offers great rewards according to a young man who works in the headquarters of Brindley Healthcare in Convoy. Liam Deeney has worked in the wonderful establishment surrounded by picturesque gardens since the tender age of seventeen, working through his ranks and achieving the position of Projects manager in Donegal, Mayo and Kildare.

On Thursday last, Brentwood Manor hosted the national tea day at the Brentwood Manor Nursing home in Convoy. Members of the public, residents, their families and staff all enjoyed a magnificent day with refreshments, music and craic. Liam was delighted with the success of the event and the monies raised will go towards Alzeimer Society Ireland.

The sun shone from early morning, making it a day when people were delighted to come out of their homes and visit the beautiful surroundings. The garden filled with talk and banter as people sipped their tea and coffee and tasted some of the wonderful foods that they were invited to eat at tables adorned with bluebells.

Liam, who organises events and is projects manager with Brindley Healthcare in Convoy, was delighted with the success of the day. As laughter lined the corridors he knew he had brought smiles to faces and lightened the resident’s day which, in turn, lifted his own heart.

As Liam grew up he remembers his mother and father, Josephine and Donal taking great care of his grandfather in their home in Castlefin. He is the eldest of the family and has a younger brother called Christopher. As a child he attended St. Mary’s National School, Castlefin before attending the Finn Valley College, Stranorlar. It came as no surprise to anyone that Liam decided on a career working with elderly residents. “I remember my family taking care of my grandfather and I suppose from then on I had an interest in it. I will be working with Amanda at Brindley Healthcare for six years this summer, the years have just flew in. I started when I was 17 years of age. It is good to get up in the morning and feel happy about going to work. It is so good to feel like that,” he said.

At the moment Liam is looking ahead to the near future and is excited about the future opening of the Men’s Shed and the opening of a Well Being suite at Brindley and Brentwood Manor on June 2. Both facilities promise great rewards to the residents that are enjoying their golden years in Convoy.

“We are opening a Well Being Suite here on June 2. It should be a great day. We are also opening a Men’s Shed for men to go out and talk and socialise and enjoy each other’s company whilst reminiscing. I am certain that they will enjoy that,” he said.

Liam realises that his work can, at times, be difficult but insists that the rewards greatly outweigh the work and the hours that he and the caring staff carry out there.

“It’s hard work but it is very good craic. It is well worth it when you see a residents face light up. The rewards are great. They love to listen to music and to dance,” he said.

Liam spends a lot of time considering what event he might host that the residents would like to enjoy. He listens to the radio, reads the newspaper and trawls the internet for new, exciting and suitable ideas.

“Where do I get my ideas from? Everybody asks me that question. I am thinking of running ‘Mr and Mrs’ soon with the numbers rising rapidly for my jiving classes on Wednesday night. I look everywhere for ideas. I listen to the radio, read newspapers and check the internet for ideas. Any event that is ongoing in the area is one that we can, at times, use. I get a lot of ideas from the staff and Donna is the brain child of the Well Being Suite. They are very good. They are always coming to

me with ideas and most of the time they are very good ideas, and I then discuss them with Amanda and organise the events. At Brindley Healthcare we all work as a team to develop great results ” he said.

In his spare time, good hearted Liam continues to take part in events that are raising money for charities. He has taken part in ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ three times to date. Whilst he enjoyed the event, he also states that it was very hard work.

“I have done ‘Strictly’ three times. The work that has to go into these events is unbelievable. You have to put a lot of work in to get the dancing to the standard required. You have to practice three and four times a week. You meet such lovely people

and then when it is all over you wonder what you are going to do with your evening because you are not used to having spare time on your hands. When the dancing and the practice is over, you do miss the people that you danced with and the craic that you had. All the hard work is worth it on the night though,” he said.

Liam appreciates the extra spare time that he has accumulated since his practice sessions finished. Each day he comes into his office and is busy from early morning to late evening. During his time he deals with work that his managing directors allocate him and during the day he helps as best he can where it is needed.

Liam believes that working with the elderly is something that carries its own merits. From a young age he watched his mother and father care for his grandfather, he witnessed the hard work but appreciated the benefits affiliated with caring for the aged more.

A caring nature, a big heart and a love of organising new and exciting events means his job at Brindley Healthcare is never dull and that he carries it out to the best of his ability, reaping great results and enjoyment for all who participate.

Liam would also like to show his appreciation towards Amanda for believing in him and giving him the opportunity to where he is today.


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